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tv   Second Look  FOX  August 5, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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up next on a second look an american icon on the 50th anniversary of her death. we remember marlin monroe from her famous serenade to president kennedy. to her marriage in san francisco to joe demaggio.
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and a film career fill with so many memorable scenes. all straight ahead on a second look. good evening i'm julie haener and this is a second look. she was born norma gene wartenson but the world news her as marlin monroe. and it was on this stage that marlin monroe died at her home she was only 36 years old. as newsreels reported it shocked the world. >> one of the most famous stars in hollywood history is dead at 36. marlin monroe is found dead in bed under circumstances that were in tragic contrast to her glamorous career. on the surface she seemed to have such a zest for life. her international appearance t took her from demand appearances to other side of
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the world and entertainment for american gis. the star had 12 sets of foster parents leading her to say in her last interviews she wasn't used to being happy so she never took it for granted. she found no happiness in marriage. her second husband was baseball immortal joe demaggio. her third husband was a play right and they too separate. the golden girl received 5,000
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fan letters a week. despite flashes or ten trupls they cult her among the latest in history. in 1943, donald spola released his book about monroe. some of it at odds with popular pietology. you feel her death was not a murder . >> one has only to read the autopsy. to look at the details of the last hour. a telephone call that she made and received and the people that are present with her to determine how marlin monroe died. it has nothing to do with the
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fb irk, ona. >> her housekeeper unwillingly played a role according to you. >> the housekeeper acting under directions, the housekeeper was instructed to give maryland an infusion a plural high rate in enema form to open the capsules and put them in water and give them to her as an el ma. maryland had been taken capsules as a the result was it was a chloro hydrate that pushed her over the edge. >> and it was dosed by a disturbed doctor.
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>> one of the things you put to rest. and this is the relationship to rfk. >> there was never any sexual relationship. they met socially on four occasions on which they were surrounded by a number of other people. the the other size documents are still on the whereabouts the entire general, it's simply impossible for somebody to have an affair from eight meal distance. also, the president and she shared a room. that's all we know about the relationship.
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the fact of the matter is all this stuff ár talk about maryland being sneak into the white house is simply rubbish. we haven't a single kreut -lable she had none of those private phones. >> let's talk about her relationship with joe demmagio. would it be fair to say he was her one great love. >> i think it would be ago r at -- would be during the time of their marriage. joe's career had peaked. he was in fact, in retirement. and maryland was not able to.
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this maryland was a career. she was in a very unhappy stage joe was there as her best ally and best friends between the winter of 1961 and the summer of 1952 when he died. the rerationlation ship began so close, so supporting. in throng you speak of her you obviously have this affection and admiration for her. do you think the the public in new york i can toyal disconception. part of the american puritan is they've got to be tans. they've got to be listening this spares no relationship to
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the maryland of true. this was a whitty, kor -rpgs. welcome to the human race. here was a loyal and brave woman who at the end of her life. here in lies the tragedy of her death. the end of her life she got it together. she was bringing her a wonderful new chapter. the readers find that there's enough drama. >> thank you so much for coming out today. it cast a different life on the life of marlin monroe. the baseball player and movie star. the short marriage and lifelong relationship between maryland man low and joe demaggio. and a bit later. perhaps the most famous
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serenade in history. we'll show you more of it than you've likely ever seen before.
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tonight on a second look we're remembering marlin monroe on this the 50th anniversary of her death. >> brief and simple rights marked the funeral of marlin monroe. as former husband joe demmagio leads a small group of friend in the last tribute to the glamorous actress. only 25 persons were invited and those screen stars were in attendance. row's coach delivered
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the miscon -- mr. monroe delivered the ceremonies. the final clean out to the story of the poor girl who became a movie star he's written, finis. >> in january of 1954 two of america's biggest stars had become hus and wife. maryland monroe america's sex symbol of the famous screen. they married at san francisco city hall. and left for their honey moon in japan. >> reporter: when a well known couple arrived a throng of 4,000 baseball and movie fans surged out of control. breakthrough police lines. joe demaggio smiled but they
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not dare moved. the former yankee slugger and picture bride escape the car. but their troubles aren't over next day comes a press conference where the public was barred but the photographers and reporters made up for that. their questions were rough. and joe, he's the forgotten man which is something in japan where something is more popular. never underestimate the power of you know who. but enough is enough. his patience is exhausted and joe says go. the marriage would last only nine months. monroe would go on to a five year marriage with play wright arthur miller. but demaggio remained loyal to monroe and his life. when she was committed it was
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demaggio who organized his release. it was demaggio who sent flowers to her grave until he died. >> reporter: joe demaggio may have heard the sounds of cheering more than anything emperor or king. baseball fans loved him in an era when baseball was really the national past time as important as the movies, your here lows more honors than magic stars. >> he was not only one of the greatest players in the history of the game he was known as a gentleman on the field and off reserved in quite. short spoken and direct. this is on the day when they
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tried to set an importance on how to win. demaggio joined the new york yankees in 1936. in 1941 he established his most famous report getting a hit in 56 straight games. >> the entire nation it all finally ended in cleveland. hi demanded a huge salary for him that day and he got it. the cheers got louder if it's possible when he married joe three her career. when they tkwopbsed fans were
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disillusioned and demaable gio was devastated. i saw two and there were also fair after a stint as a coach in 1968, demaggio retired to a quiet life where he would play golf or dice and would also be seen walking along. >> all right, come on. keep pushing, keep pushing. >> an photograph session was a rare occasion for him. he didn't like his picture taken and never gave interviews. rarely he was coax into reminiscences of the old days on the sand roll. >> national home plate was just a piece of wood. the glove. there were about five owned by the fellows that maintained. with those knives we shared
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with the opposing team. joe demaggi retained. when we come back on a second look. >> per happen it is most memorable rendition of happy birthday in history. we'll show it to you from start to finish. a bit later marlin in the movies. >> did you have a nice time? >> nice? this was so suddenly feels the did you get fresh?
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tonight we're taking a second look at the life of marlin monroe. on this her 50th anniversary of her death. perhaps the most seen imagine of marlin monroe was not in a
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movie but on a newsreel as she sang "happy birthday" for the president. >> reporter: jfk got a surprise at his most recent birthday party. >> marlin monroe. a woman about whom can truly be said, she needs no introduction. well let me just say, here she is. but i'll give her an introduction any way. mr. vice president because of the history of show business there's been no one female who
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meant so much, who has done more -- >> [ applause ]. mr. president, the late marlin monroe. >> ♪ happy birthday to you, happy
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birthday to you ♪ happy birthday mr. president, happy birthday to you ♪ ♪
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>> ladies and gentlemen the president of the united states. >> thank you. i can now retire from politics after having had happy birthday sang to me in such a sweet way. an actress that was backstage recalled monroe revealed she had gotten lost. monroe was out of breath as she reached the stage and began the song before she was supposed
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to. >> and marlin monroe and the greatness of her persona.
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this is the 50th anniversary of marlin monroe's death. she was only 36 but had already been acting in films for 15 years. hers are some of the most memorable scenes in movie history and we've chosen a few of these to leave you with tonight. i'm julie haener, thank you for joining us tonight. >> ♪ i want to be loved by you ♪ >> it's me, sugar. >> come in. >> i thought i heard voices. i need to talk to somebody, i didn't sleep. >> did you have a nice time?
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>> nice. it was so subtly beautiful. >> did he get fresh? >> ♪ they came to the wrong side of the tracks ♪ >> then someone broke my heart in little rock, so i up and left the pieces there ♪ >> this is delicious. >> cools the ankles doesn't it. well what do you think would be fun to do now? >> i don't know it's getting pretty late. >> it's not that late. >> the thing is i have a big date tomorrow, i really have to get to the city. >> what's the date tomorrow.
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>> tomorrow, the television. remember i told you about it. here comes another one. >> now how can i, i don't mind getting busted up. >> you don't know what you're talking about. >> do you mind? >> no. >> i'm not bo. >> don't say anything just be still. >> how do you find your way back in the dark? >> just head for that big star straight on. it'll take us right home. >> marlin had a strange starkly
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